2018 Traffic Study and Sedona in Motion (SIM)

Over the years, the city of Sedona paid contractors hundreds of thousands of dollars to “study” our traffic problems but never had the political will to act on them. Because of these inactions, Sedona’s traffic issues have grown to the point that the city finally needed to act on the most recent study completed this year.

Of the 13 study recommendations only the largest project, The Uptown Roadway Improvements, is approaching the design stage. On June 13, 2018, the City Council held a work session to discuss the city’s progress on many of the recommendations. Watch video portions of the meeting that may interest you: http://sedonaaz.swagit.com/play/06132018-1402

Also, the city progress report provided to the Council for the meeting can be viewed at:


The most contentious recommendations involve street connectors in West Sedona and the plan to extend Forest Road from Uptown to SR 89a west of the post office. The city’s intention in addition to relieving traffic impacts on SR 89A through the entire city, is to provide alternative evacuation routes for isolated neighborhood residents in the event of emergencies like fire and to implement the Community Plan objective of providing a greater sense of belonging to the city. Resident concerns over unintended consequences has stirred unfavorable reaction by those residents most closely effected by the connectors.

In my view, the cost, social impacts and real effect these connectors will have on traffic on SR 89A need to be carefully weighed. It is imperative that the advantages and disadvantages need to be jointly weighed by the city in public discussions with residents to make appropriate decisions regarding the implementation of all, some or none of the connector recommendations. I believe the decision primarily rests with the residents in the neighborhoods impacted by the proposed connectors.